The Art of Sherrie Spencer

Wondrous Nature vol. 1
Butterflies and Moths
Illustrated by Sherrie Spencer


Wondrous Nature vol 1 Butterflies and Moths has 24 original drawings spaced out every other page, so if you want to cut out a image to frame or hang on the fridge, you can without damaging the other images in the book. So that's 50 pages all together!
And a Very Special Thank You to my Kickstarter supporters for making this coloring book possible!
Claire O'Conner, MegaZone, Laura Norman, Natalie Martin, Lilly Ibelo, Lisa Marie Nevitt, Christine Walker, Nancy Ballard, Scott Lamky, Arielle Wasiak, Edward Lindquist, Abigail Rae Ricciuti, Eddie Diaz, Paul DiGennaro, Devyn Barat, Sandra C Spencer, Fairy Mary, Jeanne Gaskill, and The Creative Fund.

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