Coloring Books

I have always loved coloring books for their inspiration and wonderment that I felt as a child. So now I wanted to share that love of coloring books with children and adults of all ages with my own series of books.I have always loved both wildlife art and fantasy art, and with myself being a trained illustrator, I figured that this would be the perfect project to take on.I have started two different coloring book series, one called Fantastical Enchantments, and the other one called Wondrous Nature.
                                                            My fantasy coloring books entitled Fantastical Enchantments will tackle all things mythical and magical, one subject at a time. Starting off with Fairies and Other Winged Women for vol. 1 and Mermaids of the Deep for vol. 2.The other series of coloring books is called Wondrous Nature, in which vol. 1 is going to be on Butterflies and Moths, one of my favorite insects in the natural world. Coloring can be very relaxing and enjoyable hobby and help to bring out your inner artist. Filling these pages with bright and vibrant colors will give you peace of mind and a sense of creativity. This is a great activity for anyone, at any age! These three coloring books are filled to the brim with black and white ink drawings that are just begging to be colored in and come to life.
These coloring books have 8-1/2" x 11" black and white, 60 pound paper interiors, color glossy exteriors and are perfect bound.

If you would like to purchase one of these coloring books, you can do that in my Etsy store! Etsy

Fantastical Enchantments vol. 1 Fairies and Other Winged Women has 30 original drawings spaced out every other page, so if you want to cut out a image to frame or hang on the fridge, you can without damaging the other images in the book. So that's 62 pages all together!

Fantastical Enchantments vol. 2 Mermaids of the Deep has 21 mermaid drawings and spaced out every other page, so that's 42 pages all together!

Wondrous Nature vol. 1 Butterflies and Moths has 24 butterfly and moth drawings with spaced out pages, so that's 50 pages all together.