I Have Found My Wings: A Memoir of Artist Sherrie Spencer

I'm an artist and a stroke survivor. I have wanted to tell my tale of the struggles I had growing up, and the good that has come out of it, for a while now, so I figured I would publish this my memoirs through my publishing company Scouting Treasures! When I was five years old I had a major stroke which affected the left side of my brain. The right side of my body was paralyzed, and the right side of my brain took over most of my most of my physical functions. With the right side of the brain being the more creative side, within the coming years I became an artist, with artwork being my first form of communication. With these memoirs I go through, in sharp detail, what happened the night my life changed and the new way of living that I discovered. I write about the struggles of therapy and getting bullied, to exploring the forests near my dad's house, and discovering swimming as a release from having to stand on two wobbly legs. I tell about my need to create and the perfection of my art which has taken years to do. Also how my art saved my life when I was a teenager, and the fateful dream that I had when I was in high school about a girl named Reya. I tell it like it was and still is.
I write about past relationships, I fall in love quite a few times, and have one tumultuous relationship that left me forever changed. I write about the death of a celebrity and the death of a best friend. Sword-fighting, vampires and comic book conventions, its all in there. I explore how my state of mind and outlook on life has changed for the better and how happy I am after all the battles within myself.Over the years I have written several poems and short stories so I have also included these when I talk about certain times of my life. That way the reader can get a small glimpse into my mind at the specific times during my life. This book is 134 pages, soft cover, perfect bound 8” x 10” full color book with over 50 full page paintings inside.
The sketchbook Thoughts of Creativity is 24 pages staple bound 7" x 10.5" full color, full of sketches and ideas that have been drawn by me over the last year and a half.

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